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Bounce Global delivers science-based core skills training for employment service clients, consultants and leaders. Our holistic, wraparound approach is the secret to our success – and yours. 

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Programs delivered across Australia, the UK and the US. 

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People positively impacted – and empowered. 

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Organisations and businesses transformed. 

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Years of experience coaching teams and individuals towards wellbeing. 

Our transformative programs

Bounce for your clients

Positive, purpose-driven training to prepare individuals for employment – and life. 

Bounce for your frontline staff

Tailored training to elevate the coaching prowess of your consultants. And drive positive change with ease. 

Bounce Lead

Bounce for your

Training to help you and your fellow leaders create a positive work culture, motivate staff and feel well at work. 

Bounce for your wellbeing

Programs designed for everybody who wants to get out of the funk – and into the groove. 

These organisations value wellbeing

A methodology backed by science

Feeling well in the mind does wonders for our work. That’s why our programs are powered by the latest research in these psychology fields.

Positive psychology

Create and celebrate good things in life – rather than focusing on the bad.
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Emotional intelligence

Build self-awareness to improve communication, empathy and relationships.
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Behavioural nudging

Guide actions towards better outcomes – without restricting freedom of choice.
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Cognitive behavioural coaching

Reshape thought patterns to transform behaviours and improve mental wellbeing.
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Activating hope in employment services

In 2023, Bounce Global produced the first comprehensive analysis of Australia’s employment services sector. Now, we’re giving it to you. Pioneering, meaty, compelling – this white paper outlines:

The current challenges facing frontline workers in employment services

The latest data on Australian unemployment, sector employee wellbeing and retention

The vital role of wellbeing and hope in the employment service sector

Four practical recommendations to create transformational outcomes

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Intrinsic motivation can be a powerful driver for people navigating the journey toward employment. This type of motivation, which comes from within and is fuelled by personal satisfaction and passion, can be a game-changer in a job search. And tapping into it is the key.
The end of the financial year is looming, and investing in the professional development of yourself and your people is a great idea if you’ve got some unspent funds in your budget.  
The Australian Government’s recent Options Paper for the new proposed Disability Employment Centre of Excellence is another example of the changing landscape of employment services.

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