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Following our February spotlight on positive wellbeing, the recent report ‘State of Workplace Burnout 2024’ from Australian not-for-profit think tank Infinite Potential continues to elevate the message that we must take care of our people to ensure business success.

The report highlights a particularly interesting development – there’s a wellbeing perception gap: 68% of managers say their people’s wellbeing is the same or better compared to 12 months ago. Meanwhile, 45% of participants say their wellbeing is worse in the same period.

Burnout comes from unachievable workloads, pressure to meet KPIs and targets, challenging clients that need high levels of support, lacking resources, skills and knowledge and a culture that doesn’t prioritise wellbeing.  

We know that employment service providers experience a staff turnover rate of 40% and with wellbeing front of mind for all people, it’s time to address the issues, instead of just talking about them.

A number of providers have decided to take a different approach to onboarding and retention – by investing in their people early, before stress, overwhelm, and burnout take over.  

What is your mindset around staff wellbeing and retention? Are you taking a growth approach by investing in your people? Or are you more fixed in your thoughts and limited in your actions to bolster staff development?

This month, we’re all about focusing on growth mindsets and how they improve workplace wellbeing.   

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How embracing a growth mindset can facilitate employment success

“When you enter a mindset, you enter a new world.”– Carol Dweck.  

We’re all about growth mindsets here at Bounce, and Maria’s latest blog is all about using a growth mindset to help facilitate employment success with your clients.

It includes some excellent tips for building up your client’s mindset and finding simple and easy ways to flip any unresourceful beliefs and thoughts they may have. Mindset is also critical for frontline staff – if you believe in your client’s abilities, employment outcomes will improve.

We’re working with several organisations in northern Australia that are embracing and fostering a growth mindset by investing in the wellbeing and professional development of their workforce.  

In the last twelve months, we’ve supported significant investment from organisations that work in remote communities delivering Community Development Programs (CDP).

The organisations include RISE Ventures, Nyirrunggulung Rise, Tangentyere Employment Service, Catholic Care Northern Territory, and East Kimberly Job Pathways.

We’ve been working on various activities – co-designing wellbeing programs for their clients and delivering our Job Coach Certification and Coaching Skills for Leaders courses to their frontline workforce and leadership teams.

Coaching skills are critical for bolstering the effectiveness of the employment services sector. We know that with investment in targeted professional development like Job Coach, providers can experience staff retention rates as high as 91%.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to find out more about how we can support your organisation and help you overcome some of your biggest challenges with your staff and clients.    

Amanda with the team from Tangentyere Employment Service, Alice Springs.

Amanda with the team from Catholic Care NT (Alice Springs).

Client Love

ETC Ltd has been engaging Bounce for many years to shape their strategic direction and craft a powerful future for their business. Maria and Kelly headed to Coffs Harbour last week to run a strategic planning workshop over two days with the Board and Leadership team, and the feedback was fantastic!

Here’s what CEO Damon Munt had to say about the workshop:

ETC has been working with Bounce for many years and has been an important partner in ETC’s growth from a small Regional provider to now delivering services across 43 locations through Regional NSW and Southern QLD. Over the past few months, ETC has been working closely with Maria and Kelly to help shape the next stage in our journey by creating our Strategic Plan. We wanted to ensure that this plan was not just a document that sits in the shelves of the Executive Team, but rather something that lives and breathes ETC’s values and culture and enables us to set a clear direction for all levels of the organisation.

This is why the partnership with Bounce has been so effective; they have been willing to engage, adapt, take risks, advise, understand us, work as a partner and importantly facilitate sessions with the Board, Executive and Senior Leadership teams. To sum up the success of this process; one of our most experienced Managers stated “this is the best Strategic Planning process I have been involved with, it is a clear plan and we are all engaged”.

If you’d like to work with us, get in touch today!

Free stuff for you!

We’ve created a space on the website called the Learning Lab for awesome FREE training tools and resources to build your coaching skills. Any time we create a new tool or resource to help you, we’ll add it to the lab, and you can download it without strings attached!

It’s our way of helping you and your team get the most from your interactions and appointments with your clients.

Positive outcomes in life and work are what it’s all about!

The Way Finders Podcast

Fact-check your thoughts worksheet

Building a growth mindset

How are you finding your client appointments? Are they effective, or do you find them a little challenging? Remember, before you can coach your team members or clients towards positive outcomes, you need to check in with yourself and ensure you’re in the best frame of mind to support them and nudge change.  

QUESTION: Some of my clients aren’t interested in finding work because they find interviews too stressful. What can I say to them to help them flip their beliefs on their abilities?

ANSWER: This is a common challenge for many clients. Once they’ve had a few unsuccessful interviews, they can form limiting beliefs around their ability to perform well and their confidence can decline. This can lead to developing a fixed mindset. There are some simple ways you can nudge your clients to think differently – use this worksheet to help them adopt a growth mindset by flipping their beliefs.

QUESTION: One of my clients has a very fixed mindset and tells me “I don’t want to work.” How can I help them think differently?  

ANSWER: A reframe here is a great strategy to help clients when they are sitting in a fixed mindset. Try using this reframing strategy by taking the unresourceful experience and putting it into a positive light: “I understand you don’t want to work, but if you did want to work, what type of work would you like to do?”

Reframing in this way acknowledges your clients current state, but also allows them to imagine life in a different way, which is a very powerful strategy. What if questions are a very valuable tool for gently influencing your clients.

New psychological health and safety standards are critical for all organisations to be aware of as part of their OH&S management systems. With stress and burnout becoming more prevalent, workplaces must actively look for ways to minimise these negative impacts.

As revealed at the start of this newsletter, the research from Ignite Potential demonstrates some worrying trends. To back this up, research from The Leaders Lab in 2023 highlighted the impacts of low levels of wellbeing – two out of three workers feel burnout at work and worryingly almost 70% of leaders are struggling and ready to quit.

So what can we do about this?

Here are some great ways to start: Design jobs with resources in mind and job craft wherever possible, help staff understand their strengths and show them how to match tasks with strengths, track demands and agree on priorities. And finally, make it safe for your team members to ask for help whenever they need it. 


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