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Benefits of Working Poster

Do your clients recognise the benefits of working? We’ve put together these simple posters that you can use as ‘unconcious nudges’ to help your clients think differently about the benefits of work. 

All the Info

Using unconscious nudges in your workspace is a powerful way to influence your clients. These posters are designed to be placed in your office to help people see the benefits of working.

You can easily reference these benefits too if you’re finding some of your clients are resistant to change. We’ve had lots of Job Coaches tell us this resource is extremely helpful. 

How to use it

Once you click the ‘download’ button a new tab will open up and you will see a download icon at the top right of the screen. Click that and the poster will download to your computer. Make sure you disable any pop up blockers on your computer, otherwise the new tab might not be able to open.

When it comes to printing the Poster, we’ve made it super high quality so you can print from A4, right up to A1. We recommend printing in an A3 size or higher so you can easily read the text.

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