Big savings & shiny new things!

Beat the Price Rise!

From September 1, we’re increasing the price of our Job Coach Certification course.

If you’ve been thinking about putting your people into the program, now is the time!

Book now and secure the current per-person price of $1250 (+GST) before the price rises.

The program can start at any time that suits your team best (i.e. you don’t need to have the course start before the end of August to secure the price).

We’ve had over 500 people participate in the course, and it’s fast becoming the must-have PD for anyone working in employment services.

Recent research from recruitment agency Parkhouse Bell reveals that 35% of consultants working in the industry rate their professional development opportunities as poor, and 45% rate it as average.

With that knowledge, this is your chance to give your staff a training boost with powerful coaching skills to help their clients achieve positive work outcomes.

Talk to Kelly or Amanda about getting a program running in your workplace before the end of the year and save hundreds of dollars!

You know we love shiny new things!

Well, here it is…

Coaching Skills for Leaders is our brand-new program for managers and leaders designed to help develop powerful coaching skills.

Coaching skills are essential for leaders to help create successful team cultures and workplaces where staff feel valued and love coming to work every day.

Equipping your leaders with powerful soft skills like effective communication, emotional intelligence, behavioural nudging, and influence makes all the difference in improved staff engagement and productivity levels.

What’s included?

  • FOUR INSIGHTFUL LEARNING MODULES delivered by Bounce Master Coach Maria Smith FIEP, complete with workbooks and training tools.
  • THE BEST SCIENTIFICALLY-BACKED coaching tools and strategies to help you lead your team. You’ll become skilled in the language of influence & active listening, using courage, integrity and transparency to build powerful relationships and develop mastery around emotionally intelligent self-awareness.
  • A micro-credential DIGITAL BADGE verified by Learning Vault
  • ONGOING SUPPORT from our Bounce Coaches and Trainers to help you keep building your skills.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and our Bounce Leaders Alumni group.

Did we mention feedback?

The feedback from our Coaching Skills for Leaders participants has been incredible! Here’s what some of the leaders from MAS National have said about it…

“I have done a lot of courses over my career, but have never experienced a course as relevant, insightful and impactful as Coaching Skills for Leaders.” – Simone Femia.

“I am so energised! This program allows you to focus on yourself while learning about others and how to get the best from your team by helping them be the best they can be, which is the ultimate reward.” – Ross Andros.

“I feel so empowered after attending this workshop. I am so excited to build and grow the capabilities of my team and myself.” – Uroosa Nepa.

Our co-designed wellbeing training program with Nyirrunggulung Rise called “Ngalmuka Munguy Wirlang Yilk-mak” has kicked off in the Barunga community.

Trainer Eventhia took the ladies and children down the creek, and they participated in activities, including fishing, listening to songs in the language and traditional learning. Everyone was relaxed and enjoyed the cool breeze.

The ladies were excited and talked about their ideas for activities. One of the ladies said she would teach the group about weaving – it’s good for our health and wellbeing. Featuring elements of The Bounce Program™, Ngalmuka Munguy Wirlang Yilk-mak has been designed to support the cultural wellbeing of First Nations people and help them feel more confident, resilient and motivated. We’re excited to see the program’s outcomes over the coming months.

June was incredibly busy! I spent three weeks training in the USA and UK, attending the IEP Conference and meeting with providers about delivering our training programs. Several exciting opportunities are coming our way from this trip! While I was OS, the team worked hard to create our brand-new online Coaching Skills for Leaders program.

Like Job Coach Certification, Coaching Skills for Leaders features 3 hours of video training content, downloadable workbooks and online assessments. It’s full of valuable, evidence-based coaching techniques and tools designed to help leaders create positive workplace cultures. I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with you all now that it’s live and ready to go!


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