Intrinsic motivation can be a powerful driver for people navigating the journey toward employment. This type of motivation, which comes from within and is fuelled by personal satisfaction and passion, can be a game-changer in a job search. And tapping into it is the key.
The end of the financial year is looming, and investing in the professional development of yourself and your people is a great idea if you’ve got some unspent funds in your budget.  
The Australian Government’s recent Options Paper for the new proposed Disability Employment Centre of Excellence is another example of the changing landscape of employment services.
A growth mindset serves as a powerful asset for people looking for work. It helps to influence not only the job search process but also long-term career success.
The recent release of the Australian Government’s Employment White Paper, “Working Future,” and conference presentations at NESA and the IEP Summit have got our attention, and it’s for all the right reasons.
While the current Workforce Australia and Disability Employment Services contracts are designed to provide improved, enhanced services to the most vulnerable, frontline staff across the sector are often challenged by the constraints of the systems.
There have been plenty of times when I’ve struggled to stick at things – from drinking water and getting quality sleep to reading and writing detailed reports and assessments. I’ve been guilty of finding excuses or practising avoidance because I lacked the drive to see these tasks through.
Before you can coach your clients towards positive employment outcomes, you need to ensure you’ve got the right mindset and leave any judgement at the door before you start. You also need to believe in yourself and your ability to help every client, even in the most challenging cases.
Bounce Australia is excited to be releasing two professional development programs with the Institute of Employability Professionals in the UK – Bounce Job Coach Certification and the PEARLS System for Outstanding Job Coaching.
The results are in…! Bounce Online is proving to be a real game-changer when it comes to job-readiness and soft skills training for job seekers.
Delivering enhanced services as part of the new Workforce Australia initiative will involve getting to know your clients on a deeper level and engaging with them on their journey to work through a wellbeing-based approach.
Society has this funny little habit of trying to cram square pegs into a round hole, but what if I told you that there is a way to match the square peg to the round hole without having to grind off the edges?