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In the spirit of setting new year INTENTIONS (instead of resolutions 😉), we are promising to give you MORE in 2024!  

More training. More insights and information. More tips and snack-sized nudges you can use to gently influence behaviour change. 

It’s a dynamic time at Bounce HQ, with the team buzzing with energy to bring you more solutions to your biggest challenges and less of the stuff that doesn’t help you solve your problems! 

We’re amplifying our training programs to help organisations overcome two of their biggest challenges – staff recruitment and retention

Professional development that focuses on building resilience, increasing emotional intelligence and empowering self-determination should be on every employer’s agenda this year. 

Whether it’s for your frontline workers, your clients, or your leaders, we’ve got something to suit.  

And with tenders opening soon for the DES sector, now is a great time to talk to the team about how we can bring a wellbeing boost to your business.

Scroll on to find out more! 

‘Cost of living’ and the impact it’s having on labour markets and unemployment rates is one of the most talked about topics globally. For disadvantaged, vulnerable and long-term unemployed people, opportunities seem few and far between – but there is hope.

By taking a wellbeing-first approach, employment providers have the opportunity to influence positive change. 

Maria’s latest blog unpacks the key to improved employment outcomes for your clients that your organisation and your staff need to start using today. 

Her masterful insights reveal the action you can take today to start impacting lives!  

Towards the end of 2023, the DEA report was released, and a number of recommendations have inspired us to take a closer look at how the sector could be enhanced. The DES tending process will be opening in the coming months, giving providers the opportunity to take a fresh approach with their service delivery. 

The Australian Government’s Options Paper for the new proposed Disability Employment Centre of Excellence is another example of the changing landscape of employment services. 

Here are my thoughts on the centre and how Bounce can support DES providers and NDIS partners to move forward under the new contract. 

Client Love

Maryborough District Health Service (MDHS) put over 40 of their heads of department and team leaders through our Coaching Skills for Leaders program in 2023, and they have another 30 planned for 2024. 

With so many people completing the training, the conversations have shifted from advising and directing to encouraging and supporting – the coaching skills their leaders have developed are having a significantly positive impact on their workplace culture. 

We love this feedback from Nickola Allan, CEO of MDHS:

“Coaching Skills for Leaders provided our leaders with invaluable communication skills, a deep level of awareness around their leadership styles and the confidence to become courageous leaders. They are able to use their coaching skills to better support their teams, and we’re excited to build on our positive wellbeing culture using the strategies and techniques from the program. Maria is an incredible facilitator, and her energy and presence is so engaging and inspiring. We’ve received amazing feedback from the staff that trained with her and recommend any organisations looking to develop their people to participate in Coaching Skills for Leaders.” 

When you invest in your staff, you’re investing in the sustainability of your organisation. And with 93% of participants highly recommending Coaching Skills for Leaders, it just makes sense! 

If you’d like to see some of these outcomes from our training programs happening across your workplace, get in touch with the team today! 

Free stuff for you!

We’ve created a new space on the website called the Learning Lab for awesome FREE training tools and resources to build your coaching skills. Any time we create a new tool or resource to help you, we’ll add it to the lab, and you can download it without strings attached!

It’s our way of helping you and your team get the most from your interactions and appointments with your clients.

Positive outcomes in life and work are what it’s all about!



Nudges for the New Year! 

How are you finding your client appointments? Are they effective, or do you find them a little challenging? Remember, before you can coach your team members or clients towards positive outcomes, you need to check in with yourself and ensure you’re in the best frame of mind to support them and nudge change.  

QUESTION: Sometimes, transitioning between meetings or client appointments can be difficult. What can I do to reset myself so I’m ready for my next appointment, especially when I don’t have much time in between?  

ANSWER: This is one of the critical parts of being an effective Job Coach or Team Leader. Making sure you have enough energy and checking in with your emotional state before you meet with a client or staff member is very important. This is why we created the PEARLS system for outstanding coaching. It’s a simple pre-meeting ritual you can rely on to help you reset yourself when you have appointments or need to have tricky conversations. Download our easy-to-follow poster and keep it at your desk so it becomes part of your regular routine.  

QUESTION: How do I help the clients who are really stuck in their past experiences and beliefs? 

ANSWER:  The Five Frames of Coaching are essential for you to deeply embed on your coaching skills journey. The frames are a powerful point of reference for you to come back to, whenever you feel like you’re not making progress with a client or something isn’t connecting the way you’d like it to. Acknowledging their feelings and experiences is important, but remember your job is to nudge them to think forward. If they need help overcoming challenges from their past, then by all means, refer them to services that can help, but it’s important to remind them that your job is to help them see potential in their future. Download our Five Frames of Coaching Poster so that are front-of-mind when coaching your clients.

Welcome to 2024! I started the new year in America, travelling from Malibu to Boston, Seattle, and then back to Malibu.  It was an amazing three weeks where I had the chance to meet with some brilliant change-makers and thought-leaders, making a profound impact in the world. The first few days of the trip were spent with Creative Visions Foundation, an inspirational not-for-profit organisation that empowers creative activists to raise awareness of critical issues and drive positive change through impact storytelling.

The next stop was Boston, where I was back training Bounce Trainers with Qunicy MassHire and Volunteers of America. These two organsations are delivering regular Bounce Programs to their clients and are having incredible outcomes. I flew to Seattle in the last week for a women’s retreat hosted by my good friend Brooke, and it was a transformational few days! Between the training and coaching, I had some fascinating meetings with industry experts, researchers, and entrepreneurs keen to explore opportunities to work together. What an awesome way to start the year!


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