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Over the past 12 months, organisations have benefited from close collaboration with us to solve problems and overcome challenges with innovative solutions.   

We’ve been working with organisations that deliver CDP to co-design wellbeing programs and roll out staff professional development programs to boost their capacity and ability to influence change.  

Co-design reflects a fundamental change in how we work with organisations, particularly those that support remote communities. This approach enables all parties to contribute creatively to solving problems. 

Organisations are also investing in their people through professional development, and staff training also benefits from increased engagement and improved workplace wellbeing.  

Job Pathways, Catholic Care NT, Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation, Tiwi Islands Training & Employment Board, and Rise Ventures are all leading professional development and wellbeing training.  

They’re engaging in Job Coach Certification and Coaching Skills for Leaders, and co-designing wellbeing programs to support their clients using our Train-the-Trainer approach.  

It’s an exciting time at Bounce, and we’re always looking for more opportunities to support organisations to bolster the wellbeing of their clients and employees.  

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, we’d love to hear from you.  

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Small but mighty: Exploring the benefits of micro-credentials

Bite-sized professional development could be the answer to your staffing challenges! Micro-credentials are changing the game for industries where staff churn is high and retention is an ongoing challenge.  

Maria’s latest blog focuses on the benefits of micro-credentials and how coaching skills can be effectively developed and enhanced through targeted and specific digital badges.

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, your organisation will be looking at planning for the new year and reviewing what remains in this year’s budget.  

Professional development is often overlooked, particularly if it is considered a large investment of both time and money.  

But this is were micro-credentials come in.  

They are short and sharp courses that develop your people and give them improved specific skills.  

So, if you have some unspent funds in this year’s budget and would like to elevate the coaching skills of your leaders and frontline workers, now is the time!  

Job Coach Certification is perfect for your FRONTLINE STAFF.

Coaching Skills for Leaders is perfect for your LEADERS.  

Give me a call to discuss your needs!  

Client Love

Amanda and Maria have been travelling all over Australia over the last few months – working in remote communities to deliver our Bounce Job Coach Certification and Coaching Skills for Leaders program. 

We’ve received some fantastic feedback from the team leaders and participants, who demonstrated the power of the training!  

We love this feedback from Ryan Haumono, Client Services Co-ordinator from Job Pathways:  

“Thank you very much for visiting our Job Pathways sites in the Kimberley Region.  

 Your visit has left our group with a heightened awareness of how we may seem to come across to clients and others we interact with. The teachings have certainly opened our minds to new possibilities for things that we have never been taught before. I recommend people of all ages could greatly benefit from Bounce training. 

Thank you for leaving such a great impression on much of our team. Many of our staff have their different personalities, and there were a select few that were not looking forward to the training. Incredibly, you worked wonders on a lot of them, and they have developed a change of attitude. You moved our staff from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, which is exactly what we needed!” 

Amanda and the team from Job Pathways, East Kimberly.

Free stuff for you!

We’ve created a space on the website called the Learning Lab for awesome FREE training tools and resources to build your coaching skills. Any time we create a new tool or resource to help you, we’ll add it to the lab, and you can download it without strings attached!

It’s our way of helping you and your team get the most from your interactions and appointments with your clients.

Positive outcomes in life and work are what it’s all about!

MORE Ways to change your thinking

Reframing unresourceful beliefs worksheet

Building a growth mindset 

I’ve had some questions from consultants about how their clients seem to be drawn to negative thoughts and feelings and how they can support them to think differently.  

Negativity bias is innate in humans. We are wired to focus more on the negative things in our lives than the positive things.  

QUESTION:  I have some clients who constantly talk about the things that aren’t working in their lives. They focus on everything they are missing out on and everything they don’t have. How can I get them to believe there are definitely good things in their lives—if they look hard enough? 

ANSWER: Three good things is a simple yet powerful strategy. Next time you find your client talking about all the things that are going wrong – nudge them to think of three good things that they have in their life. These ‘good things’ don’t have to be big or significant. They can be small or simple – but they do have to be meaningful. Encourage them to reflect on these at each appointment with you – you’ll start to see them flipping negative thoughts and feelings to positive ones.   

QUESTION: One of my clients pays a lot of attention to negative things on social media. They talk about how bad things are when it comes to finding a job and use examples to back up their negative thoughts. How can I get them to think differently?  

ANSWER: Social media can be challenging for people who are drawn to negative ideas, thoughts, and information. External negative information can fuel our negativity bias. A social proof nudge can help here, and it’s all about bringing awareness to how much your client might be using social media to find information. A suggestion like “Some of my other clients have turned their notifications off on their social media Apps and set time limits on how long they scroll for. This is really helping them to feel less distracted and avoid negative content. It could help you, too. Do you think this is something you could try?”

At the start of the year, we successfully received funding through the Australian Government Department of Employment & Workplace Relations Local Jobs Program (LJP) Recovery Fund to deliver a brand-new program called ‘Your MindFit.’   

We’re partnering with Asuria in Ballarat to deliver training to clients up to the age of 25 in the Transition to Work (RTW) program in the Ballarat region. Your MindFit has been created to build resilience in young people looking for work. The program includes three modules of interactive learning designed to boost the skills of participants with emphasis on self-awareness, positive attention and taking action around self-care and setting goals. When people feel more hopeful and resilient about their ability to find work, they will be more engaged in the journey. This program will be more widely available in the coming months, so if you’re interested in finding out more, please reach out to us.  


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