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Excellence. Mastery. Ease.

More than clichés, these are virtues we embody. And with our wellbeing programs and tools, you’ll see them come to life – in you. 

Become your own hero

Our wellbeing programs and tools work together to identify your inner talents and ramp up your resilience. So you can navigate work and life’s challenges with confidence, clarity and calm.

Do one or do them all. The choice is yours.

Whatever you choose, you’ll walk away with the skills to champion your wellbeing at work and beyond.

Effective tools

To deepen your self-awareness,
resilience and wellbeing.

Different modes

To ensure you learn the way
you like – either in-person or online
and on-demand.

Access your way

Use our wellbeing resources as an individual or as a team.
Just ask us how.

Inspiring Resilience

How do you navigate life’s choppy seas? 

The research is clear – your level of resilience will determine whether you sink or swim. And here’s the good news: resilience can be taught. 

In this short online course, delivered by our Founder, Maria Smith, you’ll learn practical and evidence-based strategies to become happier and more resilient.

Discover the art of self-reflection, mindfulness and gratitude – and watch as your ability to overcome challenges and appreciate the good increases. 

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Inspiring Resilience

Your MindFit

Get ready to dive into mindset, resilience, and mastering powerful habits with the Your MindFit program.

Designed to engage young people, Your MindFit is a training program that your organisation can license and deliver in-house, or you can engage us to deliver it to your clients on your behalf. 

The program includes three modules of inspiring content laid out in an easy to use workbook, complete with fun activities and simple tools to overcome life’s challenges and build a growth mindset. 

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Your MindFit

The Strengths Profile

What makes you, you? 

Through the world-leading Strengths Profile assessment from Cappfinity, you’ll discover your strengths, development areas and learned behaviours. 

You’ll also get valuable data across 60 strengths and three dimensions: energy, use and performance. And the best part? We’ll walk you through the results in a private, 1-hour virtual session, so you can create a strategic and sustainable change plan. 

Strengths Profile

The Strengths Profile

The numbers don’t lie

That’s why wellbeing at work matters – and why we’re here to help you foster it.

1/3rd of Australians feel uncomfortable talking about mental health.

42.9% of people have experienced a mental disorder in their life.

2/3rds of Australians feel they’re burning out at work.

$12.2 – 22.5 billion is the annual cost of poor mental health to the Australian economy.

The power of insight

Know the saying, ‘Knowledge is power’?

This is true for yourself – and your teams. Armed with greater awareness of your strengths and plenty of resilience, you can:

Manage your workflow

Do more of what you enjoy, delegate where necessary – and set realistic goals for yourself.

Improve your relationships

Act on your strengths – and acknowledge your challenges – to improve your team dynamics.

Feel well at work

Find energy in your newfound alignment – and watch your wellbeing and productivity increase.

Achieve your goals

Move easily, quickly and consistently towards your goals at work – and in your personal life.

Words from our wellbeing grads

"I personally loved the program and definately got lots of insight from it, learning to recognise how emotions impact energy and how to self manage."

Aley E.

"I loved this program and I am inspired to set myself up to keep using what I have learnt to make positive changes to my life on a daily basis. There isn't a single person out there that wouldn't benefit from it too!"

Sarah C.

"I have a higher level of resilience and awareness of being 'present' during the day whether at work or at home. Meditation also a great tool for me as I find it hard to switch off at end of work day."

Helen K.

"My resilience has grown greatly but if anything I would say my self awareness is what has developed most. Being more aware of my emotions and how they can affect my mood and thought process."

Julie D.

"The Inspiring Resilience program really opened my eyes as to how I can take a different prospective on life and how to calm my thought processes and patterns.

Dani M.

"I have learnt so much about myself and with each week's topic putting learnings into practice. Undertaking the program internally with my peers and getting to know them better has been a highlight."

Alanah B.

Build your knowledge

Strengths are more than just the things we are good at or are capable of doing. They are the skills and attributes that give us energy and make us feel good, and when we’re using them, we can achieve great things.
Society has this funny little habit of trying to cram square pegs into a round hole, but what if I told you that there is a way to match the square peg to the round hole without having to grind off the edges?
We’ve been closely reviewing the outcomes of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment Soft Skills Trial report released in April 2022, and most pleasingly, it’s validated the incredible work we do here at Bounce.  

Ready to be an agent for positive change?