Empowering wellbeing across the globe

Since 2006, The Bounce Program™ has helped individuals around the world tap into their potential, build resilience – and confidently step into their next role.

A journey beyond ticking boxes

Imagine a work readiness program that does more than just tick boxes. One that ignites confidence, sharpens communication skills and turns challenges into stepping stones for success.

You’ve just imagined The Bounce Program™

Dynamic, interactive and transformative, The Bounce Program™ does more than refresh resume writing skills. Instead, it gives individuals the practical tools and strategies they need to increase their self-awareness – and wellbeing. 

Designed with people in mind

Employment service providers don’t want a tick-and-flick approach. They want to empower their clients with the core skills they need to find meaningful, sustainable work.

The Bounce Program™ does just that by catalysing serious change across four dynamic learning modules:

Module 1.

Discover their strengths

Participants reflect on their beliefs, what they’re good at and what they love – to build their confidence and self-esteem. 

Module 2.

Build a positive mindset

Participants learn proven strategies to increase self-awareness, build resilience and overcome setbacks.

Module 3.

Hone employment skills

Participants gain valuable communication skills and  build rapport through being their word and living with integrity.  

Module 4.

Set career

Participants work with a Bounce Trainer to create a realistic plan with concrete steps to achieve their future goals.

Run the program your way – either through an online training portal or face-to-face in a training room with a Bounce Trainer
using our flexible, engaging and interactive content.

Built for empowerment

The Bounce Program™ has been crafted to go beyond surface-level assistance. In 2019, The Bounce Program™ was part of an Australian Government trial project designed to test the effectiveness of soft skills training to enhance work readiness for job seekers. 

How did we achieve these transformational results? Download the 2019 Utilising Soft Skills Training to Enhance Work Readiness trial report. 

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A snapshot of the trial results

0 %

Increase in participants reporting high levels of

0 %

Increase in participants reporting high levels of satisfaction with life.

0 %

Reduction in participants reporting low levels of resilience.

0 %

Increase in participants reporting higher levels of career self-efficacy. 

The Bounce Program™ pillars

The Bounce Program’s signature strength? These four pillars. They underpin the program’s content and ensure your clients walk away more resilient, confident – and with a renewed sense of purpose.

Positive psychology

Participants create and celebrate good things in their lives – rather than focusing on the bad.

Emotional intelligence

Participants build self-awareness to improve their communication, empathy and relationships.

Behavioural nudging

Participants guide their choices and actions towards better outcomes – without restricting their freedom of choice.

Cognitive behavioural coaching

Participants reshape their thought patterns to transform behaviours and improve their mental wellbeing.

Licence the Bounce Program™

Helping you help others is what we’re all about.

That’s why we created The Bounce Program™ Licence,
so organisations that work with unemployed people can give them powerful, proven training that sets them up for employment success.

License The Bounce Program™ today and watch
your clients transform before your eyes.

What's included in a licence package?

Your organisation can licence The Bounce Program for an easily affordable price, which includes The Bounce Program™ training content, the Bounce Program Trainer Certification program, plus BONUS Marketing Material.

A Bounce Program™ Licence is valid for 12 months.

PDF Student Workbook
(unlimited download & printing)

Bounce Online eLearning Platform & Career Toolbox

Participant certificate of completion, feedback forms & assessment tools

Online Bounce Program Trainer Certification course
& resource vault

The Bounce Program Trainer Badge

Certified Bounce Trainer Micro-credential digital badge

Presentation slide deck for group sessions and 1:1 training

+ Bonus marketing material and tools

Editable marketing resources
posters, flyers, social media

Marketing videos designed for different co-horts.

Digital image file
with photos & icons.

Results that speak for themselves


Of participants believe they are closer to getting their dream job.


Of participants feel they have been given more skills to get a job after completing the program.

0 %

Of participants feel they have more confidence after completing the program.

"I went into this program with a negative attitude thinking I wouldn't gain anything. I was completely surprised at the amount of useful information and support I recieved. I discovered that I am capable confident and able to achieve anything I put my mind to."

Naomi McA.
Bounce Program Participant

"The Bounce Program™ helped me discover that I have the ability to turn my negatives into positive things. I learned that anything is possible and that I have the confidence and positive mind to reach my goals."

Tara S.
Bounce Program Participant

"I have changed my beliefs! I have often focused on the negatives which had become a habit in recent times. I have gained the most important belief that I am valuable and worthy and have the ability to find the right job for me."

Caroline B.
Bounce Program Participant

"The Bounce Program™ is such an awesome program which not only increased my confidence levels, but also taught me so much about the professionalism you need at your present work place or future career."

Farhana A.
Bounce Program Participant

"This program was the best of its type that I have encountered in my many years of being a job-search client. I am sure it is going to be a great help for that moment when I head off for the interview for that job that i really want."

Richard W.
Bounce Program Participant

"This program ROCKS!!! It put things into perspective and helped me to see what I need to do to chase my goals. The coaching sessions with Linda are fantastic. I was with a great group of people that really enjoyed the program and took a lot from all the interactions."

Jye M.
Bounce Program Participant

"I feel very privileged to have been offered the opportunity to participate in The Bounce Program™. I am so glad I said yes, I am a changed person. It was a great confidence boost and gave me focus and direction."

Therese K.
Bounce Program Participant

"This program really helped me a lot, I was lost for the longest time. Going through The Bounce Program opened up a large variety of possibilities to me of which I never even thought about. I'm excited for my future."

Krystal R.
Bounce Program Participant

"This program is life changing!! Thank you for inspiring me to be true and kind to myself. It has been an amazing journey. Linda, l appreciate your vulnerability honesty and passion. You have such a loving and caring nature. You have made an enormous difference in our lives."

Angela H.
Bounce Program Participant

These organisations licence The Bounce Program™

BP 1

More grabs from The Bounce Program™ graduates

"Bounce Trainer Linda is utterly amazing!! I cannot recommend her highly enough. I feel so privileged to have been in The Bounce Program™ with her as our Trainer. I look forward to continuing my journey "

Julie-Anne D.
Bounce Program Participant

"The coaching sessions with Linda were immensely enjoyable and educational. I was surprised by how much I loved the sessions and the type of content we unpacked. So enjoyable!"

Benjamin J.
Bounce Program Participant

"I was so surprised at how effective this program is. I discovered that I can have the job I really want if I put in the motivation and time! I loved this course."

Holly C.
Bounce Program Participant

"Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to go through this program to find out what I am capable of and where I can go in my life. I learned that negative thoughts only come from what other people say, not from what I believe."

Khadija J.
Bounce Program Participant

"The Bounce Program™ is just BRILLIANT! I could do it again and again. It's given me so much confidence and clarity, I feel I can do anything now!

Clint D.
Bounce Program Participant

"I feel ready to take on the world and follow my dreams!! I've never done anything like this program and it's had a BIG impact on my life and confidence. I feel very privileged and grateful to have done this course.

Aliza C.
Bounce Program Participant

Build your knowledge

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