The PEARLS System

This course will give you the foundational coaching skills you need to become an outstanding job coach. PEARLS is a simple, yet highly effective system you can rely on to help you prepare for, and deliver excellent client contact sessions.

A simple, yet highly effective coaching system you can rely on!

Do you find engaging and connecting with your clients challenging? Do you find it hard to have enough energy, and be your best during your appointments? Perhaps you feel like there’s never enough time to really get to know and understand your clients, and their needs. 

How you prepare for and participate in each of your client sessions, is essential for getting great client outcomes.

The PEARLS System for Outstanding Job Coaching has been developed to give you effective planning strategies, and a deep understanding of how to hold space for your clients during appointments. Using our proven coaching preparation roadmap, you’ll learn how to build incredible rapport, connection, and trust with your clients, and how to nudge them towards positive solutions and outcomes.

You'll learn:

How to prepare and plan for every client meeting, so you are highly effective with your time.

How to become the positive anchor for your clients, so they feel connected and comfortable with you.

To listen with intent and hear more than just what's being said.

To check-in with yourself, clear your emotional state, and re-set before every appointment.

How important it is to build rapport and trust with every client.

How to nudge your clients to achieve their goals, and find solutions to their biggest problems.

What’s included?

1 hour of dynamic video modelling content covering 6 modules of comprehensive learning, designed to fast-track your coaching skills.

A high-resolution, digital copy of our beautiful PEARLS System poster, for you to display in your office or home. TIP: It's actually a brilliant ANCHOR!

Life-time access to the Bounce Academy, including our resource library, training content and the latest new offerings.

A 36-page workbook with detailed information, enhanced learning activities and done-for-you templates.

Access to our Bounce Trainers for further support and Q&A opportunities.

BONUS: The Bounce Little Book of Inspired Resilience gives you even more tips and tools to stay in control and calm when things get stressful. It’s your special gift to keep you feeling inspired and resilient as a job coach.

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Course Includes

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  • 7 Topics
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