Meet our newest Bounce Trainers


Say 'Hi' to our newest Bounce Trainers!

In May, we welcomed our first team of licenced Bounce Trainers into our family!

These five incredible trainers will now be delivering the Bounce Program within their organisations. They will help their clients develop the powerful wellbeing and work-readiness skills they need to move into work or training more effectively than ever before!

The Bounce Program contributes to an individual’s psychological work readiness and helps them feel more engaged in their employment journey.

The program develops confidence, motivation and clarity, and shows people how to plan and work towards goals. It also helps participants break through the personal and emotional barriers holding them back.

We can’t wait to see how many people are positively impacted through these Trainers and their organisations supporting them to find their way!

Meet Sione Manu!

Sione is a Transition to Work Team Leader at AGA and he’s going to make an amazing Bounce Trainer!

“How we do anything is how we do everything” is a belief that Sione lives by, combined with serving others and making the most of every interaction reinforces his sense of purpose.

Meet Leza Macksabo!

Leza is a Youth Education and Employment Consultant with AGA and she’s going to have an incredible impact with people as a Bounce Trainer.

Leza is dedicated to supporting and empowering young people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Meet Safinaz Dafour!

Safinaz is a Project Support Worker with AGA and has a beautiful energy! She’s going to be an amazing, way-finding, Bounce Trainer! She is passionate about working with young people and vulnerable people in her community.

She loves giving back to the community and ensuring that those who need support are provided with sensitive and adequate resources to assist them in building their confidence.

Meet Sonia Humphreys!

Sonia is the Education Development Co-ordinator and Career Mentor at Connecting Futures and with her joyful energy and positive outlook on life, she’s going to be a life-changing Bounce Trainer!

Meet Linda Pierson!

Linda has been training with Bounce for over 8 years and now she’s officially licenced to deliver the Bounce Program through her own business Linda Pierson Coaching.

Linda is an incredible Coach who shares her knowledge and skills with authenticity and generosity. She loves helping people find their way!

Connecting Futures and AGA are leading the way as organisations that are committed to helping their clients find their way into work, by licencing the Bounce Program.

There are so many benefits to purchasing a Bounce Program licence and delivering the training within your organisation.

Why should you licence Bounce?

  • Improve the wellbeing of your clients and help them feel more prepared to work.
  • Save valuable time and money by using a ready-made coaching program.
  • Boost your service delivery options.
  • Leverage the Bounce training reputation and our world-class education resources.
  • Confidently market the training with our comprehensive resources that you can co-brand.
  • Be a part of a global network of Bounce Trainers.

Boost Engagement and Employment Outcomes

Organisations that have been delivering Bounce have had incredible success with the program:

“We have been fortunate to have a very high rate of job seekers that participate in the Bounce Program move into employment. “ – Adrian Jenkins, Sarina Russo

“genU Training has partnered with Bounce to provide our learners with a holistic environment to enhance their soft skills. When they finish a course, they are ready for their next journey into employment through the Bounce Program.” – Lisa Abbott, genU Training

“Over 500 young people have participated in Bounce with us, and the impact has been amazing. We greatly value the partnership we have with Bounce Global in supporting young people to achieve their dreams.” – Jody  LIFT Social Enterprise Hamilton, NZ

Find out more

Download our Bounce Program Licence Guide to learn more about all the inclusions and purchase costs.  

What's inside the program?

The Bounce Program is full of exciting new content that focuses on wellbeing and psychological work readiness!

We’ve included new activities that focus on boosting the wellbeing of people before they start their journey into further training or employment. Research shows that when job seekers have confidence, resilience, motivation and positive self-esteem they are better equipped to move forward into work, and so with this in mind, we’ve tailor a new workbook and online training content to build these key work readiness and wellbeing skills.

The Bounce Program is delivered by certified Bounce Trainers and through our exclusive Train-the-Trainer program, you can have your very own staff trained to deliver our program.

Train-the-Trainer is a two-day live intensive professional development program that gives you all the coaching and influencing skills you need to help your clients see potential and possibility on their journey into work.

Bounce Master Trainer, Maria Smith will train you in the exclusive BOUNCE METHODOLOGY for effective behaviour change, so you can have the greatest impact on lives.

WHEN: August 15th & 16th 2023

WHERE: Melbourne, Victoria

TIME: 9.00am to 4.30pm both days

INCLUDED: All training materials, resources and Bounce Program kits and catering both days.


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