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Develop a coaching mindset

Bounce Job Coach Certification is designed to help the employment industry build a robust and enduring workforce.

Bounce Global has created a highly-credentialed professional development program – Bounce Job Coach Certification for the employment industry. The training gives frontline workers, managers and leaders incredible coaching skills designed to shift and influence behaviour change.

The program provides participants practical and powerful wellbeing and work-readiness skills to support, influence, and nudge their clients towards more positive employment outcomes.

Frontline workers, managers and leaders need…

High levels of emotional intelligence

Confident communication & rapport building skills

Strategies for self-care and resilience

A coaching mindset

Bounce Global has designed and created a coaching certification for frontline workers and managers focusing on wellbeing strategies, emotional intelligence and behavioural nudging.

Bounce Job Coach Certification is the must-have professional development certificate for anyone working in the employment and workforce development sector. The course can be delivered as an intensive face-to-face training program or online via one of our specialised e-Learning platforms.

For the Australian Market

For the American Market

What are the benefits?

We use clever methods to boost communication, build positive wellbeing cultures and improve workplace systems and processes.

The benefits to frontline workers, leaders and teams is incredible:

Take a look at the results

Bounce professional development programs have been delivered all over the globe.

Participants who have completed Bounce Job Coach Certification tell us that it’s some of the best professional development they have done!

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91% of participants agree the training is easy to understand and relevant to their role. 

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94% of participants feel they are better able to build connection and trust with their clients.

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98% of participants recommend Bounce Job Coach Certification to others working in employment services.


Participants average star rating

What are they saying about it?

Bounce Job Coach Certification is delivered across Australia, the USA and the UK by various partner organisations.
People that complete the training love it, and highly recommend it to others.



I feel better equipped to handle situations where a client is deemed long-term unemployed.

Amanda S.
Bounce Job Coach



I have been given the right tools to work with my clients. It’s been so beneficial to me!

Vicki M.
Bounce Job Coach



I recommend this program to everyone because IT WILL make a difference in people’s lives.

Jonas B.
Bounce Job Coach

Just some of the people we work with

Be an industry leader

Bounce Job Coaches are changing the employment and workforce engagement industry.

They take a new approach to client engagement and rather than ‘advising’, they guide and support their clients to find solutions for themselves and move forward with confidence.

Frontline workers and managers work in a highly demanding and, at times, extremely stressful industry. There are many challenges to overcome – high caseloads, disengaged clients with complex needs, competing priorities and pressure to get great results.
The industry experiences low retention rates of staff and limited opportunities for meaningful professional development.

Creating a culture of positive wellbeing in employment services is essential. Positive wellbeing is the guidepost that keeps job seekers, frontline workers and management moving in the same direction towards successful employment outcomes.

When frontline workers and managers have positive wellbeing, they are better able to support their clients, perform well in their job and feel good about the impact they have.
When employment agencies have a culture of positive wellbeing, they experience better retention rates, sustainable placements, and increased revenue.
"I really thought I had great communication skills and that I could relate to people before...but now I can really make a difference because I'm not just listening, I'm coaching. I am suggesting and nudging and I’m not doing so much for them anymore and trying to get them on board. I'm able to let them find the answers for themselves through some clever nudging, and because of that I think it makes more change because they see the solution themselves."
Shae C.
The extent of research and the evidence-based program that Bounce runs is definitely fabulous; few companies do such fine research work to fully empower people to reach the next level of work and achievement. I think every consultant should attend this course and participate actively in it. It is not just made for people who want to progress in terms of higher position, but for everyone to enhance their capacity to change lives and make a difference in their community.
Jonas B.
Although I would 'like' to think I have the values and ethics of a good consultant, so much gets in the way and at times I have guiltily rushed a meeting or not listened well to my clients. I have realised the benefits of setting myself before the meeting and focusing wholly on my client. I am more likely to have a better rapport and solution based conversation. I have also seen the benefit of greeting a client happily, with good intent and all judgement aside. I am much better equipped particularly with focusing on strengths and solutions with my clients, and I am also more aware of my own agenda . As a Team Leader, I now believe I have some good job coach skills to lead by example for my team.
Donna B
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