John – Bounce Program Participant

Initially I was a little complacent in attending as I had no idea what this program was all about. I thought all I would learn is how to write a resume and a cover letter.

When I commenced I was instantly amazed by the size of the course book and to how comprehensive this course was going to be. I was welcomed by a lovely lady named Jan. She helped with all the enrolment paperwork and spoke about the course in detail. I thoroughly enjoyed the mental challenge and analysis with some topics. The filters and blocks was very interesting and flipping your mind or belief to think the opposite. The cause and effect topic was very beneficial too.

“It was a very impacting and life changing course in terms of self-awareness, thoughts, values, beliefs, goals & vision.”

The numerous role play exercises eg: conflict management / interview techniques was confidence boosting and provided students some valuable practical skills as well as job preparation activities.

The best is left to last which is the wonderful Jan Fisher. Jan from the onset was extremely engaging and supportive and created a lively atmosphere. She expressed large amounts of passion and dedication into each session which bounced upon us too. Her life experiences were absolutely amazing and gave myself and others the backbone to soldier on in our lives. She is truly inspirational!

I will advocate this program to wherever I can in order for all walks of life to benefit from this life building course.


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