Licence The Bounce Program™

Are you an organisation that works with or supports people looking for employment?

Do you provide a service or offer training to people that are experiencing long-term unemployment, or work with young people that are facing complex barriers to employment?

Bring a Bounce boost into your organisation today!

The challenges we face.

For many organisations, finding ways to effectively support people who lack clarity or certainty about finding employment is a challenge. The barriers to successful placements are often multi-dimensional and diverse.

The Bounce Program faces these challenges head on. 

Low wellbeing

Many people lack confidence, resilience, motivation, and clarity around what type of work they are best suited to.

Missing skills & tools

Many organisations don't have the internal skills and resources they need to positively influence behaviour change.

Complex barriers

The barriers to sustainable employment are complex and varied, and need a targeted approach.

The Bounce Program™

Our flagship globally recognised Bounce Program is a mindset coaching program that focuses on positive wellbeing and work readiness. Since 2006, the program has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

The Bounce Program™ contributes to an individual’s psychological work readiness and helps them feel more engaged in their employment journey. Not only does the program give confidence, motivation and clarity, it also helps people discover, plan and work towards goals for their future while breaking through the personal and emotional barriers holding them back.

Organisations that licence the delivery of The Bounce Program™ have access to:

The Bounce Program™ (face to face & digital content)

Train-the-Trainer Program

Marketing & promotional material

Licences for The Bounce Program™ are best suited to...

Employment agencies, providers, career centres

Justice organisations or agencies

Not-for-profits or social enterprise organisations

Coaches or trainers (independent or group practise)

Secondary schools, TAFES or Community Colleges

Local Learning & Employment Networks (LLENS)

What's included in a licence?

Your organisation can licence The Bounce Program™ for an easily affordable price, which includes The Bounce Program™ training content, the Train-the-Trainer program, plus BONUS Marketing Material. A Bounce Program Licence is valid for 12 months.

Face to Face Resources

Workbook, Certificate, Feedback & Assessment Forms, slide deck


2-Day Train-the-Trainer course, Certified Bounce Trainer Micro-credential, Online eLearning platform access & Trainer Vault access.

Online Resources

Online eLearning Platform & Career Toolbox with downloadable resources.

Marketing Resources

Editable Marketing Resources, Posters, Flyers, Social Media templates, Marketing videos designed for different co-horts, Digital image file with photos & icons.

What are the benefits?

The Bounce Program™ is delivered using a wrap-around approach to client engagement and the benefits spread widely across an organisation, it’s staff and the customers and clients they service.

Utilising a proven Train-the-Trainer method, The Bounce Program™ has been recognised as a best-practise training model by Government agencies.

Save valuable time and money by using a ready-made coaching program

Boost your service delivery options

Improve the wellbeing of your clients and help them feel more prepared to work

Develop powerful coaching skills within your team and organisation

Leverage the Bounce training reputation and resources

Confidently market the training with our comprehensive resources you can co-brand

"Over 300 young people have participated in Bounce with us, and the impact has been amazing. We greatly value the partnership we have with Bounce Global in supporting young people to achieve their dreams."

Jody Hamilton
LIFT Social Enterprise, NZ

"genU Training has partnered with Bounce to be able to provide our learners with a holistic environment to enhance their soft skills. When they finish a course, they are ready for their next journey into employment through the Bounce Program."

Lisa Abbott
genU Training, AUS

"We have incorporated the Bounce Program into our accredited training courses, and the results continue to impress us. We highly value our partnership with Bounce Global, which helps us acquire skilled trainers and achieve positive wellbeing and employment outcomes for course participants."

Lorraine Nesbitt
Jesuit Community College, AUS

"We have been fortunate to have a very high rate of jobseekers that participate in the Bounce Program move into employment and will continue to use this program in the future."

Adrian Jenkins
Sarina Russo Job Access, AUS

"Becoming a Bounce Trainer and delivering Bounce Programs is a fantastic opportunity. I am confident in my ability to use the knowledge and skills that I have gained from this course to help others improve their physical health and well-being through exercise and movement."

Leza Macksabo

"Over the years, the quality of the Bounce Program has gone from strength to strength, always using the latest science and coaching techniques. This is one of the biggest reasons I still partner with Bounce. I love being part of a business that is making a real difference in the lives of everyday people"

Linda Pierson
Thrive Coaching

Helping you help others

Helping others is the best medicine.

That’s why we created The Bounce Program™ Licence, so organisations that work with clients can give them powerful, proven training that sets them up for employment success.

Whether you’re a frontline consultant or an organisation leader, you can license The Bounce Program™ – and watch your clients soar.

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