Our Approach

Boosting employment engagement through a science-centric approach

Inside you lies endless potential. We use the latest positive psychology research to unlock it – no matter your career goal.

Backed by science, built for you

Feeling good in your mind does wonders for your work.

That’s why Bounce Global’s programs are powered by the latest positive psychology research – which we transform into proven tools and strategies to elevate your wellbeing.

And here’s a promise you won’t hear elsewhere: We focus on your strengths, not shortcomings. So you can shine in the best possible light.

The Bounce pillars

Bounce Global’s mainstay? These four psychological pillars – which underpin all our programs and drive all our people.

Positive psychology

Create and celebrate good things in your life – rather than focusing on fixing the bad.

Emotional intelligence

Build self-awareness to improve your communication, empathy and relationships.

Behavioural nudging

Gently guide your choices and actions towards better outcomes – without restricting your freedom of choice.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Reshape your thought patterns to transform behaviours and improve your mental wellbeing.

Real change starts here

We believe change lasts when it permeates every layer of the employment ecosystem.

Our wraparound approach to work readiness means every program is part of a bigger, interconnected picture. Whether you’re a frontline consultant, leader or client, you’ll walk away ready to excel in your professional, personal and community environments.

It’s bold. It’s transformative.
It’s the full-circle solution the industry has been waiting for, and our unique methodology is the secret to all our programs success. 

Find out more about the science behind each of our programs here.

Bounce for your clients

Positive, purpose-driven training to prepare individuals for employment – and life. 

Bounce for frontline staff

Tailored training to elevate the coaching prowess of your consultants – and drive positive change with ease. 

Bounce Lead

Bounce for

Training to help you and your fellow leaders create a positive work culture, motivate staff and feel well at work. 

Bounce for wellbeing

Programs designed for everybody who wants to get out of the funk – and into the groove. 

Want to watch your work – and world – transform?