Coaching Skills for Leaders

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Coaching Skills for Leaders features 4 modules of dynamic learning & training that will completely change the way you work with your team. The training is expertly designed and delivered and is guaranteed to give you incredible coaching skills.





Great workplace cultures are the result of great workplace relationships led by people at the top.

Coaching is the key to better business outcomes. Equipping your leaders with powerful soft skills like effective communication, emotional intelligence, behavioural nudging and influence makes all the difference when it comes to staff engagement and higher levels of productivity. 

The Coaching for Leaders system is a complete professional leadership development framework that will give you all the skills required to lead people and create positive workplaces. Leaders will complete the Bounce Coaching Skills for Leaders program – 4 modules of dynamic learning & training that will completely change the way you work with your staff. The system has been developed to give you a deep understanding of the language of influence and how integrity and courage create safe spaces. You’ll learn how to build self-awareness and emotional intelligence and develop meaningful connections and trust with your team.

Bounce trained leaders are changing the workplaces they operate in. They are taking a new approach to staff engagement and rather than ‘managing,’ they are guiding and supporting their people to embrace their roles and create incredible workplace cultures.

What’s included:

  • Four insightful modules, containing the best scientifically backed training content, delivered by Bounce Master Coach, Maria Smith.
  • Beautifully designed workbooks for you to download, actively work through and use throughout your coaching skills journey, and far beyond

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Participants have six weeks from the date of purchase to complete the course. If you require an extension to the timeline, please contact us via email


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