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Final Written Assessment (New)

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Final Written Assessment (New)

Your Final Written Assessment

Below is a quiz which contains 4 case studies. You only need to choose ONE case study and answer the 6 associated questions. These questions will test you on major areas of your Job Coach certification. 

Each quiz page contains one case study. Once you have answered your chosen case studies questions, go to the final page of the quiz and select “Finish Quiz”.

Page 1 – Case Study 1: A General client Scenario

Page 2 – Case Study 2: A General client Scenario

Page 3 – Case Study 1: Parents Next Focused

Page 4 – Case Study 1: For Managers

Once submitted, you will be able to move forward to get additional resources, collect your certificate and digital badge. We will provide feedback on your submission within 3 working days. Please be patient while waiting for a response.