What the science says

The research says the more positive emotions you experience, the happier and more resilient you will be. 

Our programs are built on a range of social science and behaviour change methodologies including positive psychology, emotional intelligence, behavioural nudging and cognitive behavioural therapy.

We’ve had our work reviewed and validated by government agencies and university research departments.  

The White Paper - Activating Hope in Employment Services

Our latest whitepaper ‘Activating Hope in Employment Services’ explores the opportunity the employment services sector has to enhance client experience through their workforce.

Service delivery focused on improving wellbeing, self-efficacy, and social capital will lead to improved outcomes in education, work, and life for people experiencing long-term unemployment.

The whitepaper provides insights on:

2019 Soft Skills Trial Snapshot Report

In 2019, Bounce Australia was awarded a Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) contract to design and deliver a soft skills training program that would enhance the psychological work readiness of people looking for work.

The trial outcomes were released, revealing the benefits of equipping unemployed people with valuable skills that build their confidence, resilience, motivation, satisfaction with life and career self-efficacy.

The trial increased participants: 

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