How embracing a growth mindset can facilitate employment success  

A growth mindset serves as a powerful asset for people looking for work. It helps to influence not only the job search process but also long-term career success. A growth mindset centres on the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. It significantly impacts an individual’s approach to finding […]

Disability Employment Services: Activating Hope through Excellence 

Written by Kelly Mason General Manager Maria presented at the Disability Employment Australia National Leaders Forum in Adelaide towards the end of last year and was inspired by positive energy around the future of the DES sector. The Australian Government’s recent Options Paper for the new proposed Disability Employment Centre of Excellence is another example […]

Positive wellbeing – the key to moving clients forward

People experiencing prolonged unemployment have much lower levels of wellbeing than employed people. As their confidence and motivation decrease, they lose sight of their employment goals and begin to feel hopeless. The barriers to employment are complex and varied – and wide-reaching for many individuals. Taking a ‘wellbeing approach’ in the employment services sector means […]

Intentions vs Resolutions: The power of mindful goal setting

In the flurry of New Year’s excitement, many of us embark on a quest for self-improvement, often through the tradition of making resolutions. Yet, as January progresses, the enthusiasm accompanying these resolutions can wane, leaving us feeling disheartened and demotivated. Is there a more effective approach to goal-setting than the fleeting nature of resolutions? Enter […]

Activating Hope in Employment Services

Transforming employment services Understanding the challenges of Australia’s welfare-to-work system is essential for it to succeed in helping the most vulnerable members of our society. Chronic long-term unemployment affects a significant percentage of all job seekers across the country, and these statistics have remained consistent for many years. While the current Workforce Australia and Disability […]

Coaching Skills for Leaders has arrived!

Coaching Skills for Leaders We launched our online Coaching Skills for Leaders program at the end of July, making it available to any leader – anywhere in the world. The course can also be delivered face-to-face with leadership teams. MasNational provided 40 leaders with the opportunity to participate in face-to-face training with Maria over three […]

Meet our newest Bounce Trainers

These five incredible trainers will now be delivering the Bounce Program within their organisations. They will help their clients develop the powerful wellbeing and work-readiness skills they need to move into work or training more effectively than ever before!

Enhanced Services Training Solutions with Bounce

The new contract will certainly shake up the way employment services are delivered across Australia. Providers need to start planning now for how they will approach the Enhanced Services component of the contract.

Utilising soft skills training to enhance work readiness

In February 2019, Bounce Australia was awarded a Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) contract to design and deliver a soft skills training program that would enhance the psychological work readiness of job seekers.