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Here’s where you can level-up your skills and knowledge through our very own eLearning platform – The Bounce Academy.

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We’re here to make a measurable difference for any organisation that works with and supports people to find work.

Our courses have been designed to wrap-around the employment services sector – everyone can benefit from a Bounce training program. We pack the latest science into our inspiring, surprising and fun learning experiences with practical steps that can be
immediately applied.

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Courses for your clients.

Imagine a work readiness program that does more than just tick boxes. One that ignites confidence, sharpens communication skills and turns challenges into stepping stones for success.

Dynamic, interactive and transformative, The Bounce Program™ gives individuals the practical tools and strategies they need to increase their self-awareness – and wellbeing.

The Bounce Program

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The Bounce Program™
for your organisation.

Courses for your frontline staff.

Your frontline teams are the heart of your business. They provide support and guidance to your clients, helping them on their journey to find work. And with powerful coaching skills, they can achieve incredible outcomes for your business. 

Our courses for frontline staff are engaging, inspiring and uplifting. So, invest in your people and watch your results sky-rocket!

Job Coach Certification

Courses for your leaders.

Wellbeing at work starts at the top – with leaders just like you. Our Coaching Skills for Leaders program helps amp up your influence. And arms you with the skills you need to forge a legacy of real change.

Our courses for leadership teams are designed to help you and your fellow leaders create a positive work culture, motivate staff – and feel well at work.


Coaching Skills for Leaders

Online or In-person

This course can be delivered online via the Academy or in-person. The choice is yours.

Courses to boost your wellbeing.

Programs designed for anyone who wants to get out of the funk – and into the groove!

Harness the power of your strengths and build resilience from within using wellbeing tools and programs – Inspiring Resilience, Your MindFit and the Strengths Profile assessment. These resources are perfect for everyone – from clients, to frontline teams, through to top level leaders. 

Inspiring Resilience

Strengths Profiling

All our Programs.

We have professional development programs to suit everyone. From short 1-hour courses to in-depth programs that run over multiple weeks, there’s a program to help you and your people upskill – fast! 

Micro-credentials are the future!

Portable, sharable and most importantly, verifiable.

With the help of our friends at Learning Vault (Australia’s first digital badging agency), Bounce is now providing digital badges on several of our courses. 


They can be verified by anyone at the click of a button

They can be attached to a document and shared on social media

They provide details of the Badge issuer for extra validity

They are stored online in your own personal account for easy access

They detail the criteria you met and the learning objectives that you achieved

They cost nothing! All costs are covered by the badge issuer (That's us!)

These organisations value wellbeing

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"I have gained an enhanced awareness of my own barriers to run effective coaching sessions, including tendencies to be pre-judgmental and holding limiting beliefs about both myself and clients. This self-awareness has granted me better control over my actions."

Rasika K.

"I feel really good about moving forward with my clients. When issues arise, I hope that I will use the tools from this course to support and help my clients work through their issues and achieve positive outcomes.."

Helen B.

"I feel confident and optimistic that I am now better equipped to assist my clients to reach their goals and maximum potential. Job Coach Certification training is a perspective changer!"

Joveria M.

"I feel confident in my ability to support both customers and team members and can't wait for other job coaches to complete this training. I can imagine how valuable this would be to someone starting out in their career."

Rebecca B.
Max Employment

"The PEARLS process is something I have implemented to have more organised sessions with customers. I feel more emotionally aware of how I conduct sessions & it has assisted with better building rapport."

Sarah L.
Max Employment

"This course helped me to gain a better understanding of myself. Through using different tools like MORE & PEARLS, I feel I can develop trust and connection with my clients which fosters confidence and growth with in my clients."

Vandana M.
AMES Employment

"I feel much more confident and better about supporting my clients as I feel like I am able to understand their situation better and I can now provide them with the tools they need to find a job."

Abeer M.
Max Employment

"I feel I am better able to build connection and trust with my clients. It helped to understand their barriers and overcome them to find employment. I feel that I can engage, motivate and inspire clients to change their outlook on life."

Mary Z.
AMES Employment

"I would definitely recommend the Job Coach Certification course for anyone as it can be applied in all aspects of life both, professional and personal lives."

Nick A.
Max Employment

Enhance your skills

Use these super simple tools to help you get better outcomes with your clients. 

This simple values worksheet will help your clients identify what are the key values they live by and how they can see the showing up in their world.
Help your clients to understand the benefits of working using these easy to read posters. Print them off and put them up at your desk as 'unconscious' nudges to think differently.
Reframing is a powerful way to get your clients thinking differently about their beliefs. Download this simple worksheet to help you get your reframing skills down pat!

Ready to be an agent for positive change?