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Bite-sized professional development could be the answer to your staffing challenges! Micro-credentials are changing the game for industries where staff churn is high and retention is an ongoing challenge. Maria’s latest blog focuses on the benefits of micro-credentials and how coaching skills can be effectively developed and enhanced through targeted and specific digital badges.
What is your mindset around staff wellbeing and retention? Are you taking a growth approach by investing in your people? Or are you more fixed in your thoughts and limited in your actions to bolster staff development? This month, we’re all about focusing on growth mindsets and how they improve workplace wellbeing.
In the spirit of setting new year INTENTIONS, we are promising to give you MORE in 2024. More training. More insights and information. More tips and snack-sized nudges you can use to gently influence behaviour change.
On the 12th of August, Maria received her Master of Applied Positive Psychology from Melbourne University. She completed her capstone research project in June, “Activating Hope. A new model for staff working with the unemployed.”
We launched our online Coaching Skills for Leaders program at the end of July, making it available to any leader – anywhere in the world. The course can also be delivered face-to-face with leadership teams.
If you’ve been thinking about putting your people into the program, now is the time!
These five incredible trainers will now be delivering the Bounce Program within their organisations. They will help their clients develop the powerful wellbeing and work-readiness skills they need to move into work or training more effectively than ever before!
We’ve been closely reviewing the outcomes of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment Soft Skills Trial report released in April 2022, and most pleasingly, it’s validated the incredible work we do here at Bounce.

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