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The Bounce Program©

Finding a job is a unique and individual journey for everyone.

The Bounce Program© is an assessment and mindset coaching program that increases a persons psychological work readiness by boosting their confidence, resilience and motivation.

It uses assessment tools to determine their level of work-readiness and identifies any potential barriers that may be holding them back. Participants work through the program content with support from Bounce Coaches and Trainers to build self-awareness and confidence, develop resilience, and create a plan to find meaningful and sustainable employment. At the end of the training, participants feel better equipped and more motivated to find work, and they’ve given their wellbeing a positive boost.

Bounce Wellbeing

What does Bounce wellbeing look like? It’s a positive increase to a person’s:

Satisfaction with life




Positive Mindset



Sense of Purpose




Why wellbeing?

Research shows that work, regardless of the type (full-time, part-time, casual, or volunteer), plays an important role in promoting positive health and wellbeing, and people who find jobs that contribute to their wellbeing are more likely to be successful in those jobs and stay employed for longer.

According to the Jobseeker Wellbeing Index (2021), the wellbeing of unemployed people is shown to be significantly lower than that of employed people. Several important behavioural skills may be barriers to securing employment. If people looking for work are not equipped with these skills, they may find it challenging to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

Work-readiness Training with a Wellbeing Boost

For people to experience positive employment outcomes, they must be well prepared to find work. Work-readiness training needs to incorporate more than practical and technical skills – it must support the psychological wellbeing of the person as well. The Bounce Methodology is what makes the program so successful and drives positive wellbeing outcomes. 

The Bounce Program© helps meet key wellbeing indicators by giving participants a deep level of awareness around their values, beliefs and employment preferences, helping them discover their purpose and set goals, and gives them skills to effectively communicate and build relationships.

Getting the Bounce Program© out into the world can only be achieved through collaborative partnerships with like-minded organisations that are committed to inspiring people to see their lives differently.

The program can be delivered as a face-to-face training program or accessed online via our customised eLearning platform. It’s free from compliance restrictions, third-party agreements and time constraints and gives you full control of how, when and where you deliver.

We have tried and tested licensing packages suitable for all organisations. Find out more here.

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Did we mention outcomes?

The Bounce methodology puts a new spin on education and inspires people to ask different questions about their lives. Because it doesn’t conform to standard job training, the results are phenomenal.

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Increase in participants believing they are closer to getting their dream job.

0 %

Of participants feel they have been given more skills to get a job after completing the program.

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Of participants feel they have more confidence after completing the program.



I found the course to be excellent. It has made me change the way I think about getting back to work. I would highly recommend it to others.

Bounce Program Participant



I’ve gained new skills such as being able to visualise plans & set goals. I also gained tips on writing cover letters, resume writing, interview skills, and soo much more.

Bounce Program Participant



You’ve boosted my confidence! If this was taught at school, people would be more aligned with their calling and find their career easier.

Bounce Program Participant


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