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The Hope Map Tool

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have around your levels of stress, the better you’re able to manage it! Click the download button and find out what your stress levels are now!

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Goal setting may be challenging for some of your clients, but you can help them by using a simple tool called The Hope Map.  

The Hope Map allows your clients to set themselves a goal and map out the pathways and obstacles that might get in their way. It gives them agency over the actions they can take to achieve the goal.  As a Job Coach, you can support your clients to follow the map by checking-in during appointments and providing additional motivational support and energy to achieve the goal.  

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How to use it

Once you click the ‘download’ button, a new tab will open up, and you will see a download icon at the top right of the screen. Click that, and the Hope Map will download to your computer. 

NOTE: Make sure you disable any pop-up blockers on your computer, otherwise the new tab might not be able to open.


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