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The Intention Tracker

Do you have trouble making a commitment to something and following through? Or perhaps your clients struggle to set simple goals to move forward. Our intention tracker is a simple tool that will help you both stay accountable! 

All the Info

When you meet with your clients, you need to set small, actionable outcomes or goals for yourself and your clients – this will keep you both accountable. But how do you do this on a regular basis? By using our simple intention tracker tool.

It’s easy to use – so keep copies in your client files and use them everytime you meet.  

How to use it

Once you click the ‘download’ button a new tab will open up and you will see a download icon at the top right of the screen. Click that and the poster will download to your computer. Make sure you disable any pop up blockers on your computer, otherwise the new tab might not be able to open.


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