The Master of Applied Positive Psychology


On the 12th of August, Maria received her Master of Applied Positive Psychology from Melbourne University. She completed her capstone research project in June, “Activating Hope. A new model for staff working with the unemployed.”

Her research around the benefits of positive wellbeing is reflected and validated in our work at Bounce. Our focus is on building the agency of unemployed people and developing the wellbeing and cognitive behavioural coaching skills of frontline staff and leaders in the industry.

We will expand on the research over the coming months and share insights on how we can further enhance services within the sector.

The future is very exciting!

A huge congratulations to Amanda Romano-McNamara, Rowan Todman and Wen-Ting Liu for completing our Train-the-Trainer program as part of their Bounce Program licence.

They’re now ready to take the Bounce Program out into the world and help their clients feel more confident and motivated about their journey into employment.

If you’re curious to learn how to become a licenced Bounce Trainer and start delivering the program within your organisation, head to the website or contact Kelly or Amanda for more information.

MDHS Leading the Way

Maryborough District Health Service is leading the way in creating a psychologically safe workplace by putting its leaders through our new Coaching Skills for Leaders program.

Under Australian Work Health and Safety regulations, workplaces are required to manage psychosocial hazards, e.g. a hazard that may cause psychological harm (whether or not it may also cause physical harm).

Our Coaching Skills for Leaders program trains leaders to build their coaching skills and provides them with tools and knowledge to keep their staff safe and create positive wellbeing cultures.

Research from Dr Michelle McQuaid and The Wellbeing Lab has shown that the most common psychosocial (emotional and social) hazards reported by workers were:

  1. Lack of role clarity (95.3%) – This suggests that many workers are unclear about their roles and responsibilities, and this is causing confusion and frustration.
  2. Poor change management (79%) – Poorly planned, communicated, or executed organisational changes are causing anxiety and job insecurity.
  3. Inadequate reward and recognition (75.4%) – Not being valued or recognised leaves people feeling demotivated, underappreciated, and unimportant.
  4. Poor supervisor support (68.8%) – Lack of supervisor guidance, feedback, and support leaves workers feeling isolated and lacking direction.
  5. Isolated work (68.1%) – Working from home without regular face-to-face interaction creates a lack of clear boundaries and disconnection for many workers.
  6. Low job control (66.8%) – Little control over one’s work or lack of decision-making power leaves workers feeling powerless and frustrated.
  7. Unachievable job demands (64.2%) – Too much or too little work or not enough time to complete work leaves workers feeling stressed and anxious.

Talk to Kelly or Amanda today about developing your leaders with Bounce to better manage the psychosocial risks in your workplace.

Rise Ventures - our partners in the NT and QLD

Maria and Amanda headed to Far North Queensland at the end of July to work with the incredible team from RISE Ventures on some exciting new initiatives.

They flew into the small coastal community of Pormpuraaw and delivered a tailored Train-the-Trainer program to help members of their team become wellbeing coaches.

This Train-the-Trainer program is part of a larger approach called RISE Up.

RISE Up includes a wellbeing program, our Bounce Job Coach Certification and our Coaching Skills for Leaders program. It will be delivered over the next 14 months to our teams in Katherine, Central Arnhem, Pormpuraaw and Kowanyama.

The approach is designed to enhance wellbeing, motivate communities and build their staff’s capability.

We’re really excited to be partnering with Rise Ventures and creating opportunities for people in their communities to live their best lives.

PHOTO: Maria and Amanda with the Trainers from Rise Ventures in Pormpuraaw.

I was back in Queensland last week, delivering training with the amazing leaders from RISE Ventures, and I have to say, it was just an incredible experience! There were some very profound moments of self-discovery and change for so many people in the training room.

I’m so excited to be working in partnership with RISE and helping them to have a significant impact on the world. Watch this space over the next 14 months – the outcomes are going to be just phenomenal!


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