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All of the programs we deliver are designed to give workforce development organisations practical and powerful strategies to make real and lasting change. Bounce takes a wrap-around approach to training by supporting both people looking for work and employment agencies to achieve positive wellbeing and work outcomes.

And what makes Bounce training so successful? It’s the mash-up of science and spirit – that’s where the magic happens!


Workplace training & coaching

We transform the latest human behavior science into simple-to-apply strategies and tools that help workplaces, communities, and people to find their way. Our work is tried, tested, and trusted globally.

What the science says

When wellbeing and feeling good is front-of-mind, the way forward for positive change opens up.

The research says the more positive emotions you experience, the happier and more resilient you will be. By focusing on and building cultures of positive wellbeing, we can boost the productivity and performance of the employment and workforce industry.

Our programs are built on a range of social science and behaviour change methodologies including positive psychology, emotional intelligence, behavioural nudging and cognitive behavioural therapy. We focus on developing growth mindsets, practising self-determination and motivation, feeling positive emotions, enhancing strengths and creating powerful communication and rapport building skills. We teach these skills to people looking for work, frontline workers, managers, and leaders using our tried and tested train-the-trainer model. All of the strategies, tools and techniques we have developed have positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people across the globe.

Utilising Soft Skills to
Enhance Work Readiness

In 2019, Bounce Australia was awarded a Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) contract to design and deliver a soft skills training program that would enhance the psychological work readiness of people looking for work.

The trial outcomes were released, revealing the benefits of equipping unemployed people with valuable skills that build their confidence, resilience, motivation, satisfaction with life and career self-efficacy.

Overall, the trial was successful at increasing participants:

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The Bounce Methodology

Our training methodology is our ‘secret sauce’, and it’s deeply embedded in how we deliver all our masterpiece programs. We’ve been training trainers since 2006, and our unique approach has been utilised by registered training organisations, businesses, not-for-profits, social enterprises and industry peak bodies worldwide.

The Bounce Program©

The Bounce Program© is the tool your clients will use to make positive future-orientated decisions, by embedding purposeful behaviours that will allow them to thrive. It is an immersive, inspiring, surprising process that leaves people seeing themselves in an entirely new way.

The Program uses a ‘coaching approach’ rather than a ‘teaching approach’. It brings together the key pillars of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and behavioural nudging in a ground-breaking behaviour change program that leaves no-one behind.

Scientifically-backed and expertly executed, the Bounce Methodology is the secret to the Program’s success, and is what sets it apart from all the other work-readiness training available.

Bounce Job Coach

Bounce Job Coach certification is the must-have professional development program for anyone working with and supporting their clients.

Designed specifically to give careers consultants, counsellors, case managers, advisors, and team leaders a specialised set of coaching skills, Bounce Job Coach is leading the way for workforce and industry development.

It features the Job Coach System – 4 dynamic learning modules that will give you incredible knowledge and understanding of the strengths and traits of a job coach, boost your social and self-awareness and teach you to use powerful communication and behaviour change strategies to influence change easily and elegantly.

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