Turning Pets into a Profession

Turning Pets into a Profession

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The Challenges

At 24, Kyle had been unemployed since he’d finished high school. He struggled with depression and anxiety and his previous work experiences had been difficult which left him feeling very negative about his life.

He was living day to day waiting for something positive to happen. He had initiative and maintained his requirements with his employment service provider but only applied for jobs online. He didn’t want to leave the house or have fun, felt he didn’t deserve to have fun in his life. Life was just ambling by and a bit repetitive for Kyle.

The Solutions

Kyle’s employment service provider, thought it would be beneficial for him to complete a Certificate II in Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways (FSK) program. He signed up, but got off to a rocky start by running 30 minutes late for his first day of the course. This experience only lead Kyle to feel even less confident about the program. But to his amazement, his trainer Prue didn’t mind at all that he was late, she was just excited he turned up. She had amazing energy and was fun, loud, positive and upbeat. This was nothing like Kyle expected. He was hooked from the start.

The Results

Over 12 days, Kylie learnt to avoid the excuses. The BADJER living above and below activity helped him to understand the impact of living below the line and he realised he had to find a way to live more above the line. Kyle’s trainer Prue continually reinforced his people skills until the point he believed in himself and his ability to build rapport with others well.

Straight after the program he went to his provider and demanded more assistance with finding work. His provider connected him to their reverse marketers and they came up with a strategy. He would cold call in person businesses in his local area, something he’d never done before. He went to a local shopping centre and approached a dog-day-care and grooming business, he asked if he could hand in his resume. They just happened to be doing interviews that day and asked if he was available on the spot to do an interview. He said yes. In the interview he was conscious about building rapport with the owner of the business, just like he had learnt during the course. A little dog kept scratching his leg for attention and he was desperate to play with it, but tried to ignore it to maintain his professionalism.
After his interview Kyle went back to his provider to share his positive experience. The next day the business owner contacted the provider to give feedback on the interview. She really liked Kyle and he interviewed well but wished he could have played with the dogs more. His provider told her that he really wanted to but wanted to maintain his professionalism.

The business owner agreed to put Kyle on a two week trial and then offered him full-time work which he happily accepted. He loves going to work every day.

“I have done 2/3 courses similar to The Bounce Program™ but none of them really engaged me, none of them inspired me to believe in myself, none of them got me moving forward like The Bounce Program™ did.”


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