Turning 18 and spreading our wings…

With nothing more than an idea and notebook, Maria started her fledgling company, Bounce Consulting Pty. Ltd., back in 2006.

Through the support of the NEIS program, Bounce began in the small town of Maryborough with the mission of helping long-term unemployed people build the skills they need to find meaningful and sustainable employment.  

And here we are now in 2024 – 18 amazing years later!

Over the years, we’ve grown and expanded to create a powerful new vision:

To empower wellbeing worldwide and ignite hope for transformative change across the employment services sector.

Ambitious? Absolutely, it is! But we thrive on ambition.  

Of course, having a bold new vision means making some important changes and upgrades.

As we launch into our eighteenth year of operation, things will look a little different. But we promise you’ll still get the same Bounce service experience you’ve come to know and love.  

So, what exactly will be different moving forward?

Scroll on to find out more…

In 2006, my son Lucas was just a little baby. When we moved back to Maryborough from the USA to be closer to family, he became the inspiration and motivation I needed to bring Bounce to life.

When he turned 18 last year and started his new journey out in the world, I realised it was the perfect time for Bounce to grow up and start a new journey, too.

So, with joy and happiness, I announce that I am stepping aside as CEO of Bounce Global and handing the reins over to Kelly Mason, someone I trust wholeheartedly to take the business to the next level.

Kelly has been an integral part of Bounce for the last ten years and her drive and ambition are just what we need to make our vision a reality. I know the business is in fantastic hands with Kelly at the helm.

And in case you were worried, I’m not going anywhere. I’m shifting into a new role as Founder and Creative Director, and I’ll still be actively involved in the design and development of our training programs, specifically focusing on exclusive Leadership coaching and training with organisations.

It’s an exciting time for us, and we’re making big changes in how we offer our products and services. We’re making it easier for you to access our content and stay connected with us through a brand-new, one-stop-website-shop!

There are many things that won’t change. All the things you love about working with us remain exactly the same, including our exceptional customer service and support from our team, our quality tools and resources and our training content!

In fact, it’s only going to get better! Keep reading to find out more!

As I start my new role as CEO of Bounce Global, I look forward to developing new partnership opportunities and expanding our reach as a company that supports the sector, globally. I’m excited about the challenge and ready to go!

Maria and I spent the last two weeks of June travelling to the USA and UK for meetings and attending the IEP Summit.

Here are some of my reflections and key takeaways from the trip:

  • The challenges in the sector are the same, no matter where you are in the world.
  • As a sector, we must work together to lobby and inform Governments about what is needed to succeed.
  • Providers need to look at their own processes and systems to improve staff retention. This is a global issue in the sector and directly impacts one of the biggest challenges – employer engagement.

This is a key element of the new DES reforms in Australia, and in the UK, it forms a large part of the conversation. Professor Jo Ingold FIEP CAHR led a session at the Summit titled ‘Building people’s capability for the future.’ Her presentation focused on how we can engage and support employers more effectively as a sector. As one panellist stated, ‘People buy from people.’

This is so true!

Employers buy from your people – your frontline workers who create relationships and build trust. They are less interested in what your company name is. Still, they are more interested in the person who they connect with, the interest and time your people take in getting to know their organisation and the quality of service provided by that individual.

High levels of staff turnover across the sector is one of the major reasons employer engagement is so poor globally. If we can retain our staff, we can effectively start to improve employer engagement.

So, here’s my question…

What do you need to do differently starting today so that your staff are happy, more engaged, and loyal to your organisation?

If you’d like to discuss how Bounce can support your organisation, let’s talk!

Welcome to our new website!

Bold visions require bold systems to support them!

That’s why we’ve done something pretty HUGE…

We’ve given our website bounceglobal.net a massive overhaul and merged all our training platforms, including Way Finders, Coaching Skills for Leaders and BounceJobCoach.com into one!

Our new website features The Bounce Academy – our super-simplified eLearning platform that houses ALL our training courses, resources and tools!

No more subscriptions to multiple websites with different accounts and having to remember logins and passwords!

bounceglobal.net is your one-stop-training-shop for:

  • The Bounce Program™ licence & Bounce Program Trainer Certification
  • Job Coach Certification
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Inspiring Resilience & Your MindFit

We’ve created a space on the website called the Learning Lab for awesome FREE training tools and resources to build your coaching skills. Any time we create a new tool or resource to help you, we’ll add it to the lab, and you can download it without strings attached!

It’s our way of helping you and your team get the most from your interactions and appointments with your clients.

Positive outcomes in life and work are what it’s all about!

The Way Finders Podcast

Quickstart Guide to Job Coaching

Sometimes all we need is a little ‘nudge’!

The concept of a nudge is based on behavioural science and proposes that we can influence other peoples behaviour through positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions.

One of my favourite nudges is social proof. This is when people are influenced by what others do.

Question: Which nudge can I use with my clients who are struggling to move forward?

Answer: Social proof is a highly effective nudge. By using examples of what other clients have gained from attending meetings or participating in programs on offer or how they’ve benefited from networking activities or finding meaningful employment is one the most powerful strategies you can. It works particularly well, if you can tell a story that closely links your clients’ experience. Here a couple of great story examples of a social proof nudge from The Bounce Program™:

Amy was just like you, and then she completed The Bounce Program™, and her whole life changed. She was afraid she would never have enough confidence and believed the people who told her she wasn’t smart enough to work. But once she completed the program, Amy was able to see herself differently. She was successful in finding a job just weeks after finishing the program. Can you imagine what it might be like if you took a chance like Amy?

And here’s another one…

One of my clients, Stuart, believed his mental illness would always be a barrier to him finding and keeping a job. But then he completed The Bounce Program™, and he discovered that this belief wasn’t true at all. He realised he had the ability, the skills and the strengths to find a job. He created a powerful vision for his future with the support of his Bounce Trainer, and he decided to chase his dream of setting up his own business. Just imagine what it would look like if you followed Stuart’s path. What might it look like for you?


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